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I am a design leader, passionate about creating emotive and user-centric design backed with research, developing long-term and short-term visions with actionable plans, and connecting people to build collaborative cultures.

collaborative & Versatile

Breaking down silos to integrate different disciplines into enthusiastic collaborations.

Articulating clear vision and goals, charting realistic roadmaps, and designing and implementing the connected processes to get there.

Understanding product design ecosystems from a bird’s-eye view and at the ground-level, including branding and marketing, and able to connect the dots to find new opportunities.

latest publication
Break down the walls:
To create successful digital products and experiences, product design teams must break out of their silos. Where should we start?

This article was selected by UX Collective to be featured on their homepage on November 30th, 2020.

“...She's a master at taking a complicated, nuanced, messy problem, boiling it down to it's core and delivering a clear, simple and beautiful solution. But more than that she's a great manager and a great collaborator—patient, understanding and always willing to go the extra mile. Trust me, I would know.”

Richard Smith
Staff Visual Designer at Google


“…What I really love about her is her dedication. As a design leader, not getting something done right and on time is never an option—no matter how outrageous the ask. She knows when to fight for a good idea… Her creative expertise coupled with her problem-solving abilities provide a solid foundation for great work.”

Tathagata Samanta
C0-Head of Experience Design at EY Digital

"…Her role was definitely a challenge given the team dynamics. We were made up of various consultants, freelancers, embedded client team members and bringing together such a large team speaks loudly of her capabilities. In addition, she architected a global web design framework for the client that set the foundation of the website redesign."

Steven Wakabayashi
Founder & Managing Director at Stranger Creative

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