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PwC 365, News & Research App - Transforming PwC’s Publishing System

  • Silver Midas (Mobile/Hand-Held Device)

  • Midas Certificate (B2B)

  • Midas Certificate (Products & Services)

  • Midas Certificate (Accounting, Audit & Tax Services)

Goals & Challenges 

PwC asked us to create a reader app that utilized the company's vast and ever-expanding library of content, full of industry experts’ solutions, knowledge, and strategy. Providing expert content was a powerful tool for PwC to bring the latest insights and upsell their services to existing clients, attract new ones, and further solidify their place as an industry leader in the market. 

However, PwC’s content had been created by various teams and departments working in silos, without a centralized publishing ecosystem and content strategy. As a result, materials were redundant, topics were under- or over-represented, and content lacked cohesively branded experiences and aligned goals. Furthermore, their outdated publishing system, based on the print era, caused the publishers to recreate the same content multiple times for different outlets such as print, websites, publication apps, etc.


PwC + R/GA

our contribution
  • Digital transformation in PwC's publication system and process

  • Content strategy

  • Custom CMS

  • Product design and creative direction

  • Branding and design system

  • Brand guidelines and master files

  • User research, prototyping and user testing

Transforming PwC's Publication System

Our team concluded that PwC needed to get rid of the old publishing cycle and build a new ecosystem that would generate marketable, flexible, and user-centric content. Our cross-functional team worked together to achieve this by participating in hiring and training of staff and setting content strategy and planning. We also set guidelines to create digital-centric content that could be effectively distributed to all different media.

Collaborating with PwC's Content Design Team

With our training, guidelines, and easy-to-use CMS, PwC's content team was able to effectively create content. We also collaborated to build an icon library and trained PwC's visual designers to correctly use design master files and brand assets in order to apply consistent branding.

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