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NewsCred's Learning Platform and Brand Enhancement

Goals & Challenges 

NewsCred offers content marketing tools and educational resources for professional marketers.


NewsCred's educational content was initially created to attract users who are new to content marketing. As their business grew, the company saw an opportunity to develop robust learning materials to reach seasoned professionals. The challenge was to create a site structure and experience that would fully satisfy users with different knowledge levels and member statuses.

When we began this project, our team learned that the branding was not fully established; it was missing essential items such as brand pillars, mission, voice, design principles, etc. We had been focused on defining the learning platform and experience, but now also needed to enhance their brand on a limited timeline and budget.

solutions & outcomes

We defined the structure of a learning platform to guide marketing professionals through recommended learning paths, with alternate routes to discover insights and ideas from those in their industry. Our recommendations for the platform also included blending online and offline worlds by providing tools to create a community to connect users with other marketers.

We conducted user interviews and market research to create user personas and user flows. We ran workshops with key stakeholders, including the CMO and CEO, to define brand pillars and mission. We created a roadmap for the internal team to build the learning platform and content, and guided them in enhancing brand assets and redesigning the logo.

Since 2015, the NewsCred team has built the learning platform and implemented our recommendations to accommodate users' needs and adjust to the rapidly growing content marketing industry.


NewsCred + Kettle

our contribution
  • Defined learning platform and experience

  • Conducted user and stakeholder interviews, market research, and concept testing

  • Defined brand pillars, mission statement, and enhanced look and feel

  • Created a realistic roadmap and gave guidance to the internal team on producing the final products and redesigning the logo

defining new opportunity

During our competitor audit, we identified that most of the learning materials in the market were focused on simply providing resources, and provided little guidance on how to best utilize them. From user interviews, we also learned that users prefer structured learning with short lessons in a series, rather than one big white paper or long documents. We also saw an opportunity to foster a community where users share their knowledge and information.

Based on these two studies, we defined the platform to provide a structured and guided learning experience for paid and non paid users. We defined different types of learning materials and created a concept of leveraging existing content into a collection based on focused themes or topics.

NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.021.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.031.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.030.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.033.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.016.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.026.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.027.png
NCR15A Roadmap Meeting_FINAL.028.png
4. Master Class_Module B.jpg
defining Brand

Internal stakeholder interviews, user interviews, and market research helped us define the direction of the NewsCred brand pillars, which constitute the foundation for conceptualizing the company's overall personality, tone, look and feel. 

Our recommended direction emphasized the boldness of NewsCred, while hinting at the approachability of their brand. Red and white against jet black instantaneously created a big statement, while soft blue and friendly copy revealed a more human side. Unexpected treatment of typography, like dashes and brackets, conveyed NewsCred’s rule-breaker nature. 

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