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Olli, Self Driving Car by Local Motors & IBM Watson

Goals & Challenges 

Olli is a self-driving vehicle created by Local Motors in collaboration with IBM’s Watson technology.

The goal of the project was to create a voice control/touch screen app to be installed inside the first pilot buses, acting as a virtual bus attendant. While we were working on the app, we also redesigned Local Motors’ corporate site to include more visual storytelling.

The challenge of this project was working with an extremely tight timeline to create  new brand assets, design system, product, and website.


Local Motors + Green Stone

Our contribution
  • Product ideation

  • Creative direction

  • Design system

  • UX/UI and visual design

  • Prototyping & usertesting

Solutions & Outcomes

​With a quick turnaround required, we focused on designing three MVP's that included bus route navigation, activity recommendation, and music listening features. We used a typical human voice interaction experience to design the user path and created a UI design that resonated with the voice interaction.​

After the initial development stage, the app was to be developed into a full version for the bus and a separate rider app.

UI Design that resonates Voice Interaction

While either Olli or a user is speaking, the UI elements accordingly move, fade, or appear in order to give a seamless experience between the voice and touch screen interactions.

Product Storytelling

We redesigned Local Motor's existing site to tell their product story in a simpler way. We used a long page format divided horizontally by panels. Each panel focuses on only one point, so users can simply scroll down to and understand the big picture before navigating all the details.

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