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Uniqlo E-Commerce & Membership

Goals & Challenges 

Uniqlo asked us to redesign their e-commerce site to elevate the brand and accommodate the rapid growth of mobile shopping trends and changes in user expectations and needs. Their internal research team informed us about missed business opportunities due to an outdated website designed for a desktop platform experience. They also wanted us to explore ideas to monetize their rich content about collaborations with fashion icons and celebrities and global street fashion trends. 

Working with the Uniqlo teams in Japan and America required balancing differences between people and work cultures. Our team’s scope was limited to the design phase, which meant we had to make decisions without a direct collaboration with the engineering team in Japan in charge of building the site. 

solutions & outcomes

In redesigning the site, we took an approach that was drastically different from a conventional approach. We started by defining the creative direction of the areas where shoppers make buying decisions or search for what they want, instead of starting with the homepage or other landing pages that are populated with content pushed by the brand. Prioritizing these areas not only put us into the position of treating users in the center of our work, but also elevated the brand experience.


Uniqlo + I & Co. 

Our Contribution
  • Creative direction

  • UI toolkit

  • ​Content marketing

  • Membership app concept

  • User journeys and personas

  • Prototype and user testing

Mobile–First shoppers

Our goal for mobile design was giving the simplest experience for mobile shoppers. We utilized the card design principle and a step-by-step structure, so users can easily follow the shopping process and complete check-out quickly. A limited number of colors and generous white space created a feeling of simplicity.

Integrating Content Marketing

We integrated Uniqlo's rich content into the shopping experience. While users browse products, they also learn about the latest trends, designers, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Concepting Uniqlo Membership

We started by identifying four prominent customer types and defining their journeys:

  • Experiential members who are social media-obsessed and interested in learning about, discovering, and sharing their favorite designers, products, and fashion trends.

  • Low touch members, casual shoppers who occasionally pop in the store at lunch-hour or browse online but are not committed to finishing their purchases.

  • Frequent buyers who tend to buy clothes for themselves, their kids, and occasionally for other family members.

  • Repeat buyers who replenish basics seasonally and value a quick and easy experience.

Based on our study, we focused on giving emotional and personalized rewards rather than generic discount coupons or other monetary rewards. We ideated features to have a continuous engagement to adopt the shopper’s life and shopping preference changes. We prioritized giving more special experiences as rewards, which users preferred over getting free products.

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