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Samsung Luxury Line

Goals & Challenges 

In 2013 and 2014, Samsung quietly developed a line of appliances with new technology and high-end aesthetics. With these products, Samsung aspired to change its brand conception to an innovative and design-conscious brand in the home appliance market.

Our initial challenge was producing the work without full knowledge of the products we were showcasing, as they were still in development and the details were confidential. Communication roadblocks arose when working with international stakeholders and grappling with language and cultural differences. We overcame these by documenting each decision, keeping conversations simple, and breaking down complicated issues into a list of priorities.

Solutions & outcomes

Informally, we called this the “Wow Project” as we worked toward a transformative branding idea to differentiate Samsung from mass marketed brands and put it in the luxury tier with Bang & Olufsen, Sub Zero, and Bosch. We began our rebranding effort by creating a unique and luxurious environment for the new products. The idea was to create a 3D CG “Samsung home” with mood, lighting, walls, and objects carefully designed to strongly convey the Samsung brand. With the new branding assets, we created visual stories that emphasized premium quality, innovative features, and the design concept of the products.

In 2014, the site was tested in the UK first. The branding and storytelling method then became a foundation for introducing Samsung’s new and upcoming high-end products. Our work was seen as the first step to shifting Samsung into the high-end category of desirable products.


Samsung + R/GA

Our contribution
  • Global collaboration between Korea, US, and the UK

  • Creative direction

  • Branding

  • Storytelling

  • 3D CG rendering and animation

  • UX & UI design and research

  • Prototyping and user testing

  • Social media marketing

Product Storytelling

When we started concepting each product story for video and layout on the web page, we focused on emphasizing the product’s unique shapes and features. Our goal was finding the right visual elements to complement the product. For example, we used ornate and colorful scenery from Thailand to give a dramatic contrast to the simple, flat screen TV. For a curved TV, we used Aurora Borealis movement to echo the shape of the product.

Creating Samsung Home with 3D CG 

Although the original ask was to create a better way to tell product stories for this new luxury line, I initiated an entire sub-brand to differentiate high-end products from Samsung’s mass appeal brand. I developed a ‘Samsung Home’ concept to create a luxury home experience for an interior space with upscale lighting, architectural details, furniture, etc. By creating a 3D space with sourced 3D stock objects, we were able to create an environment that conveys a luxury brand look and feel, resulting in an elevated brand reputation that Samsung needed.

Transforming Brand Conception with Social Media

Since we created a 3D space for the product placement, we were able to produce high-end product images with many different perspectives, lighting, and mood. Using social media for placing these assets helped Samsung increase site visits and achieve the perception of an approachable luxury brand.

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