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I am a design leader, passionate about creating emotive and user-centric design backed with research, developing long-term and short-term visions with actionable plans, and connecting people to build collaborative and inclusive cultures.


I work with data and research to develop insights and design strategies to improve user experience and brand-embedded interactions to build consumer loyalty. I enjoy creating well-synchronized experiences that include every step of the user journey in both digital and physical spaces. 

I have connected product design teams to branding, marketing, and other expert teams to align on goals and create maximum value for users and businesses. I have built integrated processes and equitable cultures to collapse silos into enthusiastic collaborations, connected design teams with research, data, and strategy teams to create long-term visions and realistic roadmaps, and incorporated design as a critical element of business strategy. 

Over eighteen years, I have developed award-winning digital products, design systems, e-commerce and large-scale websites, mobile apps, branding, and omni-channel marketing. I have built design teams and fostered inclusive and creative cultures focusing on individual strengths and diversity through educational events, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

Little bit about my background

I have lived in NYC for over twenty years but grew up in Seoul, Korea, where I was raised with three siblings by a poetry-loving feminist father and outgoing entrepreneur mother. I currently reside in Brooklyn with my happy, 11-year-old son and American-born husband, who's a truly loving and equal partner. 

Since I was five, I knew I was born to be an artist. I grew up drawing, painting, and sculpting. I was recognized as an emerging artist by the Korean Printmaker Society when I was in college at Hong-Ik University. I earned an MFA degree from Pratt Institute, and had a handful of professional shows in Korea, Japan, and the US before I became a designer in early 2000. Art and design are well integrated into my life and philosophy. I am inspired by art theory and how design uses it to impact people's lives. You might spot me at gallery openings or museums if you are in NYC.

Honors & awards

Member, Design Leadership Forum by InVision, 2020

FWA Jury Spotlights, 2016

Interview by The FWA


Midas Awards - Silver Midas, 2014
Brand: PwC 365
Competition: Mobile/Hand-Held Device

Midas Awards - Midas Certificate, 2014
Brand: PwC 365
Competition: Products & Services
Category: Consulting Services


Midas Awards - Midas Certificate, 2014
Brand: PwC 365
Competition: Use of Discipline
Category: B2B

Midas Awards - Midas Certificate, 2014
Brand: PwC 365
Competition: Products & Services
Category: Accounting, Audit & Tax Services

FWA Award, 2009

Brand: Garia, Luxury Golf Car

Reach out :)

Please contact me if you want to discuss opportunities, or would like to see my latest work.

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